NBN In Shoalhaven Heads

NBN is now available to the town of Shoalhaven Heads. The rollout so far has been good compared compared to the problems experienced by Gerringong. Most of the callouts I have had so far has been more to do with confusion around connecting phones and printers and so-forth. Unfortunately it is fibre to the node not fibre to the premises which is not only a technologically a dead end it means if your copper phone connections are bad then you probably not getting the best speeds. One advantage though is that you don’t have to maintain and pay for a phone number anymore which is a saving for those of us who use our mobiles instead of phone lines.

Berry will unfortunately have to wait until 2019 for their NBN rollout.

Outside of town we have had fixed wireless available for quite awhile and most clients are happy with the speed and reliability they are getting with this technology. Although I am able to get fixed wireless I use Shoalhaven Internet who have their own fixed wireless setup. Not only is it good to go local, the service and speeds are great.

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